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Please be wise and spend a couple of nights at the wonderful Abajo Haven. My boyfriend and I had a relaxing and romantic time at the beautiful, comfortable, cozy cabin. During the daytime we made trips to several places like the Goosenecks and in the afternoon we went swimming in the nearby lake. In the evening, we were treated with a heep of firewood and in the mornings we were surprised to find a thermos of coffee at our doorstep. All in all, the best you can have. Please give yourself this wonderful memory for the rest of your life.


--Barbara, The Netherlands

9.0 Rated by Guests
Tours and Activities

More reasons to base your vacation at the Abajo Haven Guest cabins!

Please respect these ancient sites as you visit them.

Hiking the Abajo Mountains

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Hike a beautiful ancient trail through the pinion and juniper trees. Walk along a canyon wall and see two ancient Native American sites on private land. Please always remember to be respectful when visiting this sites.

Visiting Lookout Rock

Tower Ruin Hiking Tour

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Tower Ruin

Another unforgettable hiking tour is to upper Butler Wash. Butler Wash is a small, but important canyon to the ancestral puebloans. The tour is at the head of Butler Wash. We drive to the top of comb ridge for some unforgettable views of Cedar Mesa and all the canyons going into comb wash. Beautiful red rock walls that are a photographer’s dream! First, there is a rock art panel we will look at and then we will head into butler wash. You will go to one of the most picturesque sites I know of. At the beginning of this canyon, you will find a two-story ruin that is totally intact. This ruin has rock art with beautiful vegetation around it – Ponderosa pines and buckhorn cholla cactus. 1/2 day.


Gouldings Lodge/Monument Valley

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Monument Valley

Deep in the heart of the American Southwest, Goulding's Lodge offers lodging with unprecedented amenities, along with providing unique expeditions enabling the guest to search out the mystery and wonder that is the Navajoland.

River Rafting

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Wild River Expeditions

Stay at Abajo Haven and book a rafting trip with Wild Rivers Expeditions. Located near Monument Valley in Bluff, Utah, Wild Rivers Expeditions has specialized in sharing this wonderful place with others for fifty years. Among commercial outfitters, we run the most and the highest quality San Juan River expeditions. We're one of the West's oldest river outfitters, and our focus on quality, learning, kindness and fun is known by clients the world over.

ATV / 4-Wheel Drive

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Butler Wash Hiking

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Target Ruin Ballroom Cave

One of the best archaeology areas in North America! Beautiful red rock canyon that holds ancient Native American archaeology sites. Target ruin is the first site that you will hike to. This site is in wonderful shape. It was built by the ancient people, tucked away under an alcove, protected from the elements. You will then head to Ballroom Cave. This is a huge cave with a ruin inside of the cave. You will walk away with a new sense of respect for these ancient people that inhabited here. There is a 200 ft. wall of red sandstone and a alcove to eat under. 1/2 day hike.

Montezuma Canyon

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Montezuma Canyon, BLM land, photo taken by Joe Haven

A vehicle tour (your vehicle) that is an all day tour, so bring your lunch. A guide to these very remote sites is necessary.  Be prepared to see at least 25 different Ancestral Puebloan sites while you tour this remote canyon, which includes large panels of rock art and dwellings.  This canyon was a main route for the Native American and you will see rock art from the Basketmaker period (500 A.D.) to the Ute Indians (1700 and 1800's). There is also evidence of the Spaniards in this canyon.

Canyoneering/Rock Climbing

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northwash outfitters

Rappel through Utah's slot canyons. You can arrange a rock climbing adventure through North Wash Outfitters in Bluff, Utah while staying with us.

San Juan ATV Safari

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September 17 - 19. The San Juan ATV Safari is an incredible three-day adventure that will leave you breathless. From the top of the Blue Mountains in the center of San Juan County to the depths of the surrounding canyons, this ATV extravaganza will surround you in the beauty and excitement available only in the Canyonlands Country of Utah. ATV enthusiasts will experience three fantastic days of world-class riding with a banquet and entertainment at the close of the event. This annual ATV rendezvous will be something you will not want to miss! Make sure and book at the Abajo Haven Guest Cabins now for this popular event! 1-888-728-2885. Visit